Our primary focus was on creating something feasible but with useful everyday functionality.

What it does

With CardConnect users can log in and easily save their contact information. They then chose to display the information on one of our templates, and can quickly email it to those they want to connect with as an image. Additionally, users can friend others on the app so they can see their information, and be notified when it changes.

How we built it

We created it as an android app on android-studio utilizing Java and XML. Additionally, we utilized firebase for back implementation and GitHub for team collaboration.

Challenges we ran into

Since we wanted to be able to collaborate on the code we needed to implement GitHub, but none of us had much experience with GitHub. We had to then troubleshoot and understand how GitHub works, which we did after an hour or two. Additionally, only one of us knew android app dev, and so we had to work together to learn that.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

Though the development process was extremely difficult and we were exasperated by the problems with GitHub, the fact that we attempted this and were able to create a product made us very proud. This was a great learning experience.

What we learned

Those of us who didn't know android app dev learned about it and how it works in general. We all learned more about GitHub and how to implement it for a project. Unfortunately, we also learned that GitHub can prove to be strange, and after a large number of our files corrupted we had to figure out how to transfer files and gave them to one person through email. It showed us that without a significant understanding of GitHub it is a poor choice for team collaboration.

What's next for CardConnect

We hope that CardConnect can be further developed with some of its extended features so that it becomes a useful tool for a variety of people. Adding further social features such as a profile lookup and QR code the connect would make it that much more powerful.

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