As a college student, we're constantly meeting new people - at school, work/internships, networking events, and even hackathons. Sometimes, it gets quite difficult to keep up with everyone that we spoke to... even if we got their business cards!

It's hard to remember exactly when we met, what we spoke about, and most importantly what value we could provide to each other. CardCache provides a solution to all of these issues...

CardCache is an android application that prompts you to take pictures of your business cards and then parses and stores all of the important information (Name, position, company, email, etc) inside of the application. Each entry allows you to add a description, timestamp, and any other note that you may want to include in order to best remember your interaction. Furthermore, CardCache adds links on every business card page that brings you to internship and job applications on one of our partner websites (and a HackGT4 sponsor).

It only takes a couple of seconds to snap a photo whenever presented a business card. And when the time comes to follow up or even apply for internships/job positions, CardCache allows you to check exactly who you know at each company, where you met, what you spoke about, and even provides links to apply for positions at their companies!

How We Built It

We built the application in Android Studio using Java, and built the entire android application from the ground up in order to ensure that we maximize customizability. We also implemented Google Cloud Vision API to read data from business cards.


Implementing an API that quickly and accurately parsed business cards was extremely difficult to do, and we had to try a lot of them! Also, getting older android phones to focus on close-up objects proved to be quite difficult as well.

Accomplishments That We're Proud of:

Building a platform that's useful to both professionals and college students alike, and helps people develop more meaningful relationships.

What We Learned:

We taught ourselves mobile android development from the ground up.


CardCache has the potential to actually become an online networking platform, or at least partner with existing ones as well as job boards.

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