We were fed up with the terrible customer service provided by major financial services companies.

What it does

CardBot asks the user questions and assists in the creation of an account, then identifies relevant credit card products.

How we built it

We used wrapper class to access Facebook messenger and make creative responses to user inputs.

Challenges we ran into

The _ wifi _ was spotty so we were forced to try several times. Additionally, the API documentation was not very effective, so at times it was very difficult to decipher different functions.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We were able to create a fully functional chatbot that was integrated with the _ Capital One API _ to build customers, credit cards, and loan products.

What we learned

Even simple ideas take time. Different team members have unique perspectives that must be considered, no matter how far-fetched they seem because there is always hope.

What's next for CardBot

We hope to develop a more advanced version with higher level functionalities when the relevant _ APIs _ are updated and can support more significant actions.

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