Our story

Last year at SpartaHack, two of our team members created Cardboard Asteroids, a Top 10 hack that re-imagined a classic through the power of Google Cardboard. This year, with an additional team member and a bit more experience under our belts, we wanted to challenge ourselves to bring a more complex game to life. Introducing the first iteration of Cardboard Pac-Man!

So what is it?

Have you played Pac-Man? Sure you have. How would you like to play in first-person?

Cardboard Pac-Man allows you to take control of the ghost-gobbling hero and discover just how tough that maze can be to navigate when you aren't looking down from above! Every dot feels that much more satisfying to collect when it's done in virtual reality.

How did this come to be?

A combination of Blender and Unity (using C# for scripting).

All of the in-game models were designed to have a pixelated aesthetic in line with the original game. In addition, the algorithms and grid system were recreated from scratch.


Those ghosts were more trouble than we remembered! Unfortunately the full movement algorithms were not completed in time for the presentation, but we definitely plan to finish them up in the near future. Fortunately, the demo is still pretty entertaining even without the threatening specters. If you're moving slow, though, one member of the spooky group might make an appearance.


The models turned out very well, and the gameplay that is fully integrated is simple but entertaining, which is in line with the mission of the original game.

What's next for Cardboard Pac-Man?

Finishing the ghost algorithms, integrating a full menu and GUI, and possibly adding more levels.

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