What it does

A customizable 3D giftcard app using Square's new giftcards API. Anyone can easily create their own 3D cards without a barrier for entry (learning 3d modeling, texturing, etc).

There are many giftcard solutions out there but they are all just 2D images with a limited choice of a few templates users can choose from. I think it would be much more engaging to users because of the fun aspect of designing and sending their own giftcards to friends/family and at the same time, help support local businesses.

How it works

The user selects a business they would like to buy a giftcard from. They can create a card with a title, description, an amount they would like to add onto it, a card preview, and a card texture. You download the template and edit it. Once you are done creating the card, you can send it to friends/family via a screenshot through email/text/messaging apps. The second user can redeem it with the code or scanning with the QR. The funds on the giftcard can be used by entering an amount, hitting confirm to generate a QR code and letting the business scan it.

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How we built it

Cardazzle is built on Android with Java. The backend is using nodejs, express, and postgresql for tracking the businesses and card textures. The images are all stored on AWS s3. Firebase authentication for logging in and tracking users. Square's Inapp payment SDK for Android to generate the card nonce to make the payment. And of course Square's Giftcards API with sandbox credentials.

What's next for Cardazzle

Onboarding for businesses using OAuth, 3D Loyalty cards that you can stamp, Building for IOS.

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