While car telemetry and location data is deemed sensitive, it's use in triggering customize-once-and-automate IFFT-style seamless actions amongst trusted family members cannot be discounted and resonate with family members. "notify the parents automagically when the new teen-driver revvs up engine RPM beyond specification or overspeeds", "notify a spouse when they are delayed at work or stuck in traffic", "read aloud a kids wishlist in the car as he approaches a store" are few scenarios that come to mind. An overarching design consideration was the app/geolocation triggers had to function even in the absence of speacialized car data gathering hardware -- such as the OBD-II can bus module or the ford sync3 platform which are still in their early adoption phase when compared to the abundance of smartphones that people carry with them almost 24/7 and never leave home without.

What it does

Several Geolocation and car data rules are setup by indvidual family members and downloaded to a smart phone that invoke the actions when the cutomize-and-automate rules are tripped

How I built it

The ideation, design and integration of the various sponsor platforms/technologies were all done in the span of 16 hours by the team of three developers -- Lance Nanek, Henry Chang and Anand Setlur

Challenges I ran into

Getting the various credentials setup and operational to access the various partner platforms -- began with signon challenges, vinli credentials, applink appid permission issues and integration of the various disparate pieces to form a single cohesive story that will resonate with a wide-audience.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

Proud that this is a useful service in that I endorse it, since data stays within the family and I will likely use well past the hackathon

What I learned

Hackathons are an excellent way of meeting and collaborating with creative engineers/designers and the sum is always greater than the individual parts.

What's next for CarDataIFTT

We have registered a domains and and intend to continue to refine the use cases so they simplify and automate more scenarios in people's daily lives as the world becomes more connected/complicated.

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