We wanted to make playing cards more available to everyone during COVID-19 using Android or iOS. So, that's why we decided to make PlayAR Cards to be playable using AR technology. That's the main objective of PlayAR Cards

What it does

It uses Unity Game Engine and Vuforia AR tech to create an immersive experience of playing cards right from mobile, as well as echoAR to stream the card models. It requires only the app to get the AR experience in which the player will start to like when he/she starts to play!

How we built it

It required immense planning, and assumed the objective of the player on how the cards will be played, shuffled etc. By this technique, we managed to get an overview. So, we used C# for the functionality and linked textures onto the card model.

Challenges we ran into

Some of us are new to Unity and hence it is a challenging problem. We had to go through each and every tutorial to learn Unity during the hack and then implement what we learned. Another challenge was implementing the AR engine into the app.

What we learned

Well, some of us learned how to use Unity, basics of C#, applying textures, making the model into AR project, using the Vuforia AR engine

What's next for PlayAR Cards

We hope to continuously expand our library with more card games to be played for family fun with everyone.


Project is yet to be completed, Sorry for that, though! XD

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