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Losing a loved one is painful. Losing one through an avoidable circumstance is worse. When Novartis offered the opportunity to build a service that helps heart disease patients monitor their symptoms and live a healthier, happier life, we knew we had to jump in.

What it does

Card.io's centers around 4 key features:

Monitor The app ties in with existing fitness wearables and logs vital statistics like BPM, activity, etc. That data can be sent to doctors for long-term observation even when the patient is at home.

Manage Card.io home allows patients to view their current health status, receive reminders on medicines, or other important routines. They can set milestones, add habits and contact their doctors, all in a bid to improve general health and reduce risk.

Motivate Users who stick to their daily routine of check-ups, habit-building and wearing their fitness wearable can redeem rewards from a variety of health and retail partners. This gives them a genuine incentive to do well and keep to their therapy.

Predict Patient data is sent to a secure cloud server for further processing, where possible diagnosis and a heart health score is generated. This is used to alert patients or doctors to possible impending risks, and measures to take.

How we built it

We built the frontend and app functionality with the Ionic framework. The prediction/classification model was built in Tensorflow, using the UCI Machine Learning repository dataset.

Challenges we ran into

My teammate and I are on opposite ends of the country, so all work was done remotely! Communication and synchronisation was a challenge.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

It's our first time building an app focused on health and well-being. This is a prototype we feel confident of refining and sharing with our friends and family.

What we learned

Good data on patient health records and ECG readings is HARD TO COME BY. The deep dive into cardiovascular diseases and the post-treatment therapy process were enlightening and is knowledge that will no doubt be useful in our daily lives.

What's next for Card.io

We developed this just for the hackathon, so no traction to speak of yet! Feedback on the concept from friends and family has been good, but we'd love to partner with an entity like Novartis to see where we can take this.

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