Card Emporium was inspired by learning linked lists in our CS284, data structures course. Doing this made us want to try and create something that was taught in the classroom. Implementing our OOP knowledge was also a difficult challenge that we thought would be cool.

What it does

Our project lets users play different card games (only war was implemented for now) with a varying amount of players (up to 26! if you really want). It has options to speed up the game, quit, and continue and optionality to name yourself and show your hand!

How we built it

This project was built in so we could collaborate at the same time as we were coding it. We started off building objects of the decks and players so we can easily store information (such as their hand and name). From there creating war was as simple as manipulating these objects.

Challenges we ran into

Sadly, this wasn't as simple as we thought. Some challenges included inability to access data fields due to visibility issues or trouble in transferring cards between deck objects.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

Ultimately, we overcame these challenges and are very proud of presenting a final working project. The features were really cool to implement and we're proud of it.

What we learned

This was a great learning experience as it was both of our first projects implementing our knowledge from the classroom to a concrete task. It was very useful in

What's next for Card Emporium

After, we will increase the amount of games in our Emporium! We had plans of including games like blackjack (21) or go fish into our emporium for this hackathon, but time constraints and challenges really made us step back and decide on which games to focus on.

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