I set out to create a STEM education tool and had the idea of arranging code blocks in AR to control a simple program.

What it does

ARblox uses a camera to track playing cards and display virtual code blocks on top of them. These code blocks can be arranged to control a simple program.

In this demo there is a code block displayed on a card which controls moving a character. On the code block there is a virtual button that can be pressed which changes the parameters, allowing the user to move the character for a set amount of time. The character is a Tiger in this example and is also displayed on a card, which has a virtual button to "run" the program. When pressed the Tiger will walk for the specified amount of seconds.

How I built it

I built ARblox using Unity and Vuforia.

Challenges I ran into

Communication between the different code blocks and the character was difficult to implement.

What's next for ARblox

In the future, I'd like to create additional code blocks which could be chained together to create a more complex program. This could easily be accomplished by "snapping" the blocks together and sending these instructions to the character.

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