At our university we do not have Uber so many people who want to carpool post on random Facebook groups which only creates chaos and is not an efficient way to find rides. An iOS app and a companion watch os app to get car pool rides was the solution. This will help save money during traveling. The users can split their cost!

What it does

Users can sign up/ log in, look for rides with specific dates and of course places. Keeps a track of your travel budget!

How I built it

Using Facebook Parse as a backend to our iOS swift app.

Challenges I ran into

Xcode and github syncing issues. Sending data to watch os from iOS. Setting up parse with watch os.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

A finished project.

What I learned

Watch OS and parse.

What's next for CARBOX

Cleaning up, adding more features for search, and more watch os features too then publishing it to the apple app store.

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