The demonstration "Fridays for Future" and the burning rainforest made it more than clear. Our time is running out! If we want to save the planet and its habitats we should move from talking about problems to actually solving them!

What it does

CarbonWatch is used to raise awareness about the carbon footprint created by the user. In addition you have the option to challenge your friends and participate in a global movement to reduce the carbon footprint and save our planet. This process is supported by the option to compensate your offset right from the app. Small steps towards our climate goals done by many million users will result in an impact no one could reach alone.

How I built it

We build a Apple Watch App where we could track different transportation opportunities like bicycle, car plane .... Based on these movements we calculate the personal carbon footprint a user created. These values result in an additional 4th ring (ring 1-3 are the apple activity rings) for easy visualization. In the iPhone companion app the user is able to compare his status with other people but we do not stop there. Using challenges you are able work towards bigger, more global goals and even compensate our emission right from inside the app using carbon calculation and carbon offset apis.

Challenges I ran into

It was hard to find a good carbon calculation api that would support all the transportation methods we added.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

We felt, that our solution could not only work on a big scale, but it could make the difference in a time where we don't have much time to action left.

What I learned

The carbon emission problem is way bigger than we thought. It is a completely different story to hear about it in media, then feeling and seeing your carbon footprint at your wrist. Animals are not able to do anything about it, but we can!

What's next for CarbonWatch

We believe in our idea and we plan to bring the project to the market as soon as possible. Maybe build a start up?

Built With

  • carboncalculator
  • climatepartner
  • cloud-sync
  • firebase
  • ios
  • notebook
  • oracledatastudio
  • python
  • stochasticanalysis
  • swift
  • watch-os
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