Earth's climate has changed throught history. However, the rate of this change since the mid-20th century is unprecedented over millennia. Recognizing the fact that carbon dioxide (C02) makes up the vast majority of greenhouse gas emissions, we decide to do something that would raise people's awareness about how much amount of carbon dioxide they have been releasing on daily uses, which is as known as carbon footprint.

What it does

CarbonScanner is an mobile app which generally would work exactly how it is named. CarbonScanner allows users to get the amount of carbon dioxide by scanning products' barcodes. What does that mean? It means that the users would be able to know how much carbon dioxide has been released for producing any kind of scanned product. Moreover, CarbonScanner could store multiple of items into a cart so that users could know total carbon footprint in their shopping day. Thereby CarbonScanner would estimate what actions needed to balance C02 released ( carbon offset).

How we built it

We utilized React Native with create-expo-app, Redux (Toolkit), Redux Thunk, Expo, Barcode Scanner, React Native Navigation

Challenges we ran into

This is our first time building an mobile app. Even if we all have experience with React js, getting familiar with setting up the mobile app by React Native , Redux Thunk was the most challenging thing that we ran into.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

With our curiosity, tenacity as well as our passion for solving problems, we finally achieved our goal to complete the project. Therefore, we are so proud of being able to surpass ourselves in spite of unexpected obstacles and difficulties.

What we learned

We've read tons of documents for this project. So, we would that we learned a lot not only about new technogies, new framworks, new programming languages but also the spirit of perseverance and solidarity.

What's next for CarbonScanner

We desire to make a humongous impact on human's awareness and manufacturer brands. Why did we mention manyfacturer brands? We want to work with them to label the amount of carbon print on the their products in addtion to calories or nutritions.

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