My Inspiration

With the climate devastation happening all around the world it is very necessary that we know about the prime factors that are causing such an effect, in order to provide such information in one place I have made a Carbonpedia app.


This app provides a one-stop place for gaining knowledge about climate factors and provides climate education and for every article a user reads he/she is rewarded +1 points and thus the user can increase his or her points by reading articles and gaining awareness, this provides a fun yet informative way of learning.

How did I build it?

I have built this app using Adalo software which is available online, using this software I have integrated the UI interface and implemented the actions and the point system.

Problem I faced?

As I was completely new to using Adalo, I ran into many problems about how to link screens and implement actions, design the database, etc.

Something I am proud of!

I am proud of this app which has a peaceful soothing design that can make learning enjoyable especially for young kids and inspire them to change the world

What did I learn?

I have learned using Adalo and how to integrate, design, and format the app.

Future Prospects

Future prospects for carbonpedia can be integrating a blog writing platform or a discussion forum where people can discuss various issues and fight for a common cause and learn sustainable practices.

Built With

  • adalo
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