I love trees and being outside. I worry that future generations may not get to enjoy spending time in forests. And that they the air they breath in the future may be poisonous if we don't take action to reduce deforestation and co2 now!

What it does

Sequester CO2 and protect forests for 100 years with our blockchain land trusts and CO2 Token. Carbonland Trust is creating a tokenized carbon credit and forest conservation program that is opening access to the CO2 marketplace to everyone. By offering people and businesses Tokens as an easy way to offset CO2, and offering private landowners financial incentive to conserve forest land and manage it for maximum CO2 sequestering. Also coming soon, a Dapp where NFT holders can build their own virtual nature preserve with others.

How I built it

We have finished a website to use as our minimal viable product to use in finding early adopters who are interested in purchasing tokenized carbon credits, and landowners who want to take part in the land trust. And working on connecting Fusion APIs for managing members who are putting land into the trust, and for those investing in the trust.

Challenges I ran into

Getting the APIs to work with the forms on the website.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

Carbonland Trust has the potential to help reduce co2 and save forest for future generations to enjoy. Carbonland Trust will make the carbon marketplace more accessible to those that want to offset their co2 production.

What I learned

Learning how to integrate Fusion Cloud APIs :) still in process.

What's next for Carbonland Trust

We have been making connections with the USDA and encouraged to apply to in March. Also we will launch the trust in January and begin selling NFTs that represent land in the trust.

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