What it does

CARboncycle estimates CO2 emissions based on a typical work week's commute.

Users enter their home and work address and then will easily be able to see their carbon footprint in a single trip, a roundtrip, work week, and more! They can further input their car's fuel efficiency and their work week to get a more accurate estimate, along with traffic time. The app kept in mind different countries' fuel efficiency units, thus users from all over the world can use the app effortlessly!

How we built it

We worked on different parts of the project at first to test things out before combining our individual work together.

What we learned

Google Maps API, Python Panel

What's next for CARboncycle

In the future, we hope to implement additional features, such as if the user were to take the bus to work, or better yet, bike + walk, what their contributions would look like then. We appreciate any feedback you may have so if you encounter any issues or have any suggestions, please let us know under the Issues tab.

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