In Texas, the cold weather brought widespread power outages and damage to infrastructure, contributing to at least 70 deaths attributed to the snow, ice, and frigid temperatures. This is just one recent example of climate change. Scientists suspect that if we don't start acting soon we will experience rising temperatures, devastating wildfires, changes in precipitation patterns, more droughts and heatwaves, hurricanes will become more intense, sea levels will rise upwards of 8 feet, etc. Scientists widely accept that cutting carbon pollution is our best chance at stopping mass destruction on the planetary scale. Everyone has to come together to make a difference. So, we decided to create a web app that performs analysis on your carbon expending behaviors and generates helpful smart tips to change them. Our hope is for users to use our app and discover sources of carbon generation in their lives that they were unaware of. We want to educate our users about how changing a few habits can substantially reduce their carbon footprint in the long run.

What it does

Our app learns about your monthly carbon expenditure by asking you a series of simple questions. It then sets an achievable carbon expenditure allowance for the upcoming months. It'll help the user achieve that goal by providing them with customized smart tips to remain below the carbon allowance. We present the major carbon generating sources to the users to see what is taking up most of their carbon allowance. It visually presents data in the form of graphs so that the users can track their progress over the course of months.

Users can track how much carbon their friends are generating as well. The app features a leaderboard where friends can compete and challenge each other to reduce their carbon emissions.

How we built it

We used the Flask web framework to develop the backend. We used React.js to develop the front end. For our database and authentication, we used Google's firebase database.

Challenges we ran into

The remote nature of this hackathon provided us with connectivity issues. One of our teammates’ wifi was down for upwards of 8 hours. This caused a delay in the development of our app.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

Teamwork and cooperation: even though we had some network issues. We are proud that we were able to communicate well across different time zones to create this app.

What we learned

We learned a lot about what are the major sources of an individual's carbon emission. We also learned how to use Google's firebase and develop charts and graphs in React.js

What's next for CarbonCounts

The Next step is to add more social networking features to our app. We want users to be able to challenge each other in more fun ways to make our app even more engaging.

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