Several climate records were broken in 2019 across the world, including unprecedented temperature highs and extreme weather events. Extensive usage of personal vehicles contributed to the rise of greenhouse gases (GHG) emissions from an individual

What it does

  • Incentivise user to lower their individual carbon footprint through a reward-based system
  • To urge users to be more conscious about their lifestyle habits, driving towards sustainability
  • Impart the importance of immediate environmental protection in the collective consciousness of society Users can access our CarbonCents App to: *track and actively reduce their carbon footprint *view air quality-related information *attend curated eco-festivals/events/webinars ### Gamified Carbon Footprint Scoreboard Users will be able to: collect Carbon Cents which are reflected in their individual scoreboard receive cashback rewards such as public transport vouchers and eCommerce discounts with our merchant partners

How I built it

Used Figma and React Native to build the prototype app with the help of Azure Functions

Challenges I ran into

Convert Figma to React Native, integration of Azure Functions with React Native

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

Successfully built a prototype app

What I learned

integration of Azure Functions with React Native, business aspect of an app's success

What's next for CarbonCents

We will be working on this app to partner with other companies and reach to every people's phone

Built With

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