Inspiration- To create a self running gamification system owned by the winners and members

What it does- is a distributed game to train bots to optimize carbon credit utilization and documentation using the EVM and bot technology in a collaborating token structure.

How I built it- I used a framework structure with a smart contract node system to structure the entity with its own cap table on the blockchain using eShares protocol

Challenges I ran into- Designing the game to be self operating after 3 planned updates within the code structure of the smart contract.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of- We got the general bot organization structure and online with positioning and distribution in play within hours.

What I learned- How many rain forrest and general mother earth issues we have and how carbon credits are bought and sold..

What's next for CarbonBots- To create 1 eshare around each bot in which there are 1 million smart carbon bots using a swarming approach to global climate change.

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