Information on carbon emissions is not easily accessible for consumers. We want to be able to pick products based on the impact they have on the environment.

What it does

Makes CO2 emission information more available and easily digestible by consumers. We believe that consumers want transparency in the products they buy and will feel better doing business with companies that share this information.

How we built it

We made a website that lists products and includes information on the carbon footprint. We implemented a carbon calculator based on transportation and other factors that condenses all the information down to a simple number (g CO2-equivalent).

Challenges we ran into

How to calculate the footprint was the main problem. Implementing a calculator that takes into account multiple factors so that we can give a final number that describes the CO2-equivalent.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

Making the carbon footprint of products accessible to us the consumers and increasing transparency.

What we learned

Calculating the footprint of products requires a lot of information and a lot of assumptions. It is not a simple task to calculate definitively but taking the biggest factors into account is what is most important.

What's next for CarbonCalc

Completing a calculator that can take more factors into account and give a more accurate estimate of the footprint. Getting business from companies that want to tell consumers the footprint of their products to increase trust.

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