All of us have heard of the risks of global warming and climate change. We’ve been seeing its adverse effects in the news and even witnessing these effects in our very own backyards, from increasingly turbulent hurricanes in Florida to snow storms in Texas to wildfires in California. We wanted to make people cognizant of their carbon footprint and encourage small changes as simple as walking to their destination to collectively make a great impact.

What it does

Our app tracks the number of steps a person walks. Once they reach a milestone of a certain amount of steps, a virtual tree gets planted for them and they can continue to grow their “forest”. We provide many interesting facts like the carbon emission saved by walking instead of driving and how many calories an average person burns while walking.

How we built it

We built the application using swift and XCode. It was our first time using this app developing platform but the process of brainstorming, debugging and finalizing our app bought with it a sense of satisfaction and a slight stroke of genius. It made us feel more confident about our abilities with computer science and helped us truly realize that there is no limit to how much we can achieve with teamwork. We used an Author storyboard for the four different pages to redirect to from the home page and the main storyboard was allotted for the home page. Considering the time constraints and gradual progress with comprehending the syntax for swift, we were able to achieve many of our preconceived goals that we came up with while brainstorming. We also did plenty of research to familiarize ourselves with the myriad of facts and quintessential information about the global issue and the most proud moment for us, personally, was when we saw our final iOS product, with the minimalistic UI, flourish and work on our iphones as well!

Challenges we ran into

Building an app from scratch was not a bed of roses. We faced many obstacles, mainly because this was our very first hackathon and we had a limited knowledge about swift. Another difficulty was sharing the code among us, since one person was in charge of the UI while another person worked on the functionality of the application. Debugging the code took the longest, since we were simultaneously attempting to understand the syntax of swift but through it all, we still managed to have tons of fun and build a stronger bond with each other.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We're proud of working together as a team and figuring out difficulties together through online research and watching a bunch of tutorials. We also made new friends :)

What we learned

We learned how to code in Swift and use Xcode. Furthermore, we were able to get outside of our comfort zones and collaborate with new people!

What's next for Carbonara

We aspire to develop Carbonara into a fully functioning mobile application that is interactive for the users and a savior for the world. In addition to the carbon emission saver tracker, we also wanted to add a feature that actively shows how many calories a person is burning while walking. This feature will allow the user to input their weight and height to determine how many calories they are burning. The goal for our app is not only to show people making a difference for the world by saving in carbon emission, but also to empower people to lead healthy lives through physical activity!

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