• To overcome the challenge of global climate change and its consequences, we need to take part in it and should be aware of what role we are playing in it. Carbon emission is the main reason for increasing global warming. The more percent of the carbon dioxide comes from the vehicles we daily use for transportation. Providing an application to determine the carbon footprint (carbon emission) of the vehicle used by the individual and let them keep a track of it. It will be integrated with Google maps that would help the user to keep track of the routes and carbon emission. It will also provide an analysis of the carbon footprint for the routes followed by the user over a period. It will also provide the user with the alternate option to switch over to our clean source of transportation services.

What it does:

Mobile application Citizenship Responsibility: Each Citizen within the community would be able to track his Carbon Footprint and allowing us to gather data to optimize routes. We are targeting the people having their vehicle and transportation industry (Cabs Services, courier Service, etc.)

Real Time Vehicle-density based Traffic Signal Scheduling System A dashboard that will provide insights to the government with the help of the data captured by the sensors installed at different traffic signals.

How we built it

Android, Dash, plotly, Tensorflow, Cockroach DB

Challenges we ran into

Integrating different components

Accomplishments that we're proud of

Working Android based application with analytics, Algorithm inferred on real image.

What we learned

Team collaboration, Environment sustainability, IOT AND 5G, AI in smart cities.

Built With

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