In the 21st century, technology plays an instrumental role in our daily lives. We commute to work, incorporate devices into almost every part of our daily lives, and produce goods and services to satisfy our unlimited wants and materialistic desires. In our daily lives, we often forget to realise the impact we have on our Earth and its ecosystem. Humans have only realised recently the significant impact we have on the environment, and the major consequences that will occur if we do not solve the problem. Carbon Emissions from burning fossil fuels, to deforestation contribute to the major crisis of Climate Change, and with this product, we hope to spread greater awareness to humans on our Earth, to change and reduce our impact on this Earth.

-With our app, you can input and track all your carbon emissions in one place. With our interface you can select to input from various sources like your car, your heating system and your household devices.

-For example, you can input your car model and using our Google Maps integration, our app will track your emissions for every trip using data from the manufacturer and your distances travelled.

In our app, we developed an AI and Web Scraper to find a set of solutions that best fits your needs, in order to maximise the Carbon Emissions you can reduce in your lives.

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