All come from a real life question and need: How do I sell my carbon offsets?

What it does

Carbon Exchange Marketplace , where people and companies can certify, buy, sell, send their carbon credits, offsets. and do Net Zero Carbon, aligned with the UN Sustainable Goals, and ESG for Business. in a Low Carbon Economy, your place for trading Carbon in Ripple.

How we built it

The first pilot was done on substrate blockchain, and we are moving now to Ripple as it is affordable, fast, easy to use.

Challenges we ran into

Carbon is new emerging market, and It is not easy to certify and sell carbon credits, and we are making It easy for people and companies, also to monitor their carbon usage, as key performance indicators for sustainability.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

In the road we found other companies and people that want to sell their offsets, one is a large Pharma company in Mexico, with presence in Latin America, and other is a religious group with large presence in Asia.

What we learned

Low Carbon Economy is coming, and it is related to almost all the products and services all company offers, Banking is moving to green banking and will trade i a few years only green assets, our offering of carbon offsets is green asset too supported by land.

What's next for Carbon Offsets-Credits Exchange

Going on TRon with Green Finance, Going Global

Built With

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