Living in Hawaii, environmental project has always been a big thing. However finding a welcoming that even children enjoy learning about the environment is a challenge. So we want to make a welcoming UI that assists people to learn about the environmental impact they have and how to "neutralize" it.

What it does

After it calculates the carbon usage based on lifestyle, it keep tracks of the number of trees the user plants. The more tree they plant, the more "neutralized" their carbon usage is. At the end we hope to make it into a competition between communities/ schools.

How I built it

Currently a lot of it is front-end through templates, so there are a lot of work still needs to be done in the back end.

Challenges I ran into

Since we did not have too much experience in using Meteor, we spent a lot of time searching and finding answers. Unfamiliarity with the language is definitely one of the greatest challenges in this hackathon.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

Despite all the language barriers, we are very proud of our designer because he made beautiful icons in such a short time, and worked on the .css that beautifies the website majorly.

What I learned

Meteor. Pretty much relearned the entire meteor framewaork, but now with a stronger foundation.

What's next for Carbon Neutral

Right now not many functionalities are implemented, the next step is going to be doing more the back-end database querying with the records.

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