In this project, we hope to motivate people to be more environmentally conscious by visualizing the larger impact of simple parts of our daily routine.

What it does

Many people want to be more environmentally friendly, but it’s quite difficult to see how one individual’s actions matter on a larger scale. Our product helps visualize how small daily changes can add up to a greater impact over time. We considered two cases where this impact is difficult to be aware of: driving your car and buying groceries. With our app, a user can input information about their car and find out their emission rate and long-term emissions. We also visualize how many trees it would take to absorb the pollution from their car.

We also proposed a feature where users can input a grocery item they recently bought and view information about that product’s packaging, like the recyclable components, how much plastic accumulates if they keep buying the product, etc.

In both cases, we hope that a visualization of the effect of a small action over a longer time period will convince people to be more conscious about the environment when making future decisions.

How we built it

  • Web Application
    • Python Flask Web App Framework
    • Bootstrap/Fontawesome for UI components
  • Data Analysis

Challenges we ran into

  • Working, but not integrated into web app
    • Graphs Showing Impact over Time compared to Planting a Tree
  • Incomplete Features:
    • Food packaging calculator

Accomplishments that we're proud of

  • Active Features:
    • The CO2 Emissions Calculator and Visualization
    • The CO2 Emissions Predictor and Visualization

What we learned

  • First hackathon
  • Deployed a flask app to google cloud
  • Learned how to come up with an idea/plan of action and execute it Time management

What's next for Carbon Impact

We will implement the unfinished features and improve the UI for a better experience.

Created for the AYLUS Humanity Hacks Hackathon

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