We are all aware we need to reduce our impacts for the good of the planet. Environmental actions need to become part of everyday life Encouraging people to engage with this issue is a challenge in itself.

Taking action and making a difference as individuals is generally seen as a problem “too big to tackle” and there has long been a disparity between people being concerned by environmental issues and them actually taking actions within their everyday lives. Most people see being “environmentally conscious” as inconvenient and costly, to the point of it interfering with them living their everyday lives.

Earth Rewards has been developed to remove these barriers and introduce environmental actions into people’s everyday lives in a simple and convenient way. The Earth Rewards green app has been developed to help. There is a convenient carbon footprint calculator for people to track their carbon footprint. Alongside this, Earth Rewards uses carbon offsets directly assigned to the Earth Rewards points (ERZ), making it possible for environmental actions to be part of people’s everyday lives.

Earth Rewards is a unique opportunity for empowering people to make positive environmental actions. It enables people to get involved in taking positive environmental actions in a relevant and interactive way.

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