Carbon accounting can produce unlimited amounts of money. Therefore it's possible only with blockchain-level security and multi-level anti-theft protection: The amount of payments should be limited at each level. Moreover, there should be a voting mechanism of carbon accounters.

What it does

It's a blockchain-based carbon accounting using a ERC-1155 token contract. There is a ERC-1155/ERC-20 bridge.

It is accompanied with a simple Web dApp to retire carbon credits and with a partly developed dApp to vote for how much carbon credits to allocate and how to relate with another levels of accounting.

It can also be used to count something other than carbon, like software developers' salaries (inside a company or in an open system), etc.

How we built it

ERC-1155, Web apps. Anyone can create a new token. Token can be assigned "upstream tokens" that we convert to forth-and-back (e.g. carbon token of Europe would be upstream of the carbon token of Portugal). Usual carbon credits and retired (canceled) carbon credits. Transfer limits by amount and/or time.

The voting dApp is in Aragon.

I started to rewrite it in DAOstack.

Challenges we ran into

  • Complex ERC-1155, especially time-based transfer limits, complex API.
  • I did this long time ago in an Ethereum hackathon, but there was no money for contract audit.
  • The responsible person from an ecological organization stole $1000 from me by disappearing without paying for my super-well done job. Israel's police ignored my request to sue him instead sending me back-and-forth between police and court.
  • (Unfinished) voting app is somehow complex.
  • I am not a designer.
  • I lost the code of the DAOstack voting app.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

  • The best anti-theft system in the world.
  • Perfect API.
  • Transfer limits that are optionally time-based.

What's next for Carbon Flow

  • Contract audit.
  • Finish the DAOstack Web UI.
  • Make mobile app. (I am not a mobile dev, I need help.)
  • An app for donations to fund retiring carbon (I have another similar donation app, also not audited).

Green Track

It can be used with energy-hungry Ethereum blockchain to account big amounts of carbon (many >$1000000) or with a less powerful blockchain (xDai or Celo) to count small amounts of carbon without spending much carbon on accounting itself.

This software can be used (apparently without changes) also for accounting solar things (like the numbers of solar panels, their summary power, etc.) in addition to accounting carbon itself.

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