Inspiration: Global warming, climate change, and the want to spread awareness of how widespread of a problem it is.

What it does: Given a few details about your life, it estimates your daily carbon footprint and how it is relative to the average person. It also gives some advice on how to reduce you daily carbon footprint to help show down climate change.

How we built it: We started by making an HTML index page, which has a small description, 3 questions, 3 text boxes, and a button. After you answer the questions by filling out the three text boxes and press the button, they are called through tomcat's doGet function, where some math is done on them, and outputted back to a new jsp page.

Challenges we ran into: We didn't know anything aside from a small amount of java, so learning HTML, how to set up the backend of a website, and how to actually make the website intractable were big milestones for us.

Accomplishments that we're proud of: We learned the basics of website designing and coding, then we were able to make a website that does what we want.

What we learned: Coming into this, we had little to no experience in programming. Coming out of this, we have learned how to write websites in HTML, how to make them dynamic with Java, and how the backends of websites work.

What's next for the Carbon Emission Calculator: We can do more research to make it even more accurate than our rough approximation. We also can make the website format look nicer, and learn more code to make the functions more advance.

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