We decided to try the Best Civic Hack challenge with YHack & Yale Code4Good -- the collaboration with the New Haven/León Sister City Project. The purpose of this project is to both fundraise money, and raise awareness about the impact of greenhouse gases through technology.

What it does

The Carbon Fund Bot is a Facebook messenger chat agent based on the Yale Community Carbon Fund calculator. It ensues a friendly conversation with the user - estimating the amount of carbon emission from the last trip according to the source and destination of travel as well as the mode of transport used. It serves the purpose to raise money equivalent to the amount of carbon emission - thus donating the same to a worthy organization and raising awareness about the harm to the environment.

How we built it

We built the messenger chatbot with Node.js and Heroku. Firstly, we created a new messenger app from the facebook developers page. We used a facebook webhook for enabling communication between facebook users and the node.js application. To persist user information, we also used MongoDB (mLabs). According to the user's response, an appropriate response was generated. An API was used to calculate the distance between two endpoints (either areial or road distance) and their carbon emission units were computed using it.

Challenges we ran into There was a steep curve for us learning Node.js and using callbacks in general. We spent a lot of time figuring out how to design the models, and how a user would interact with the system. Natural Language Processing was also a problem.

Accomplishments that we're proud of We were able to integrate the easy to use and friendly Facebook Messenger through the API with the objective of working towards a social cause through this idea

What's next Using Api.Ai for better NLP is on the cards. Using the logged journeys of users can be mined and can be used to gain valuable insights into carbon consumption.

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