Inspiration: As a child I always wondered when cars would become more environmentally friendly, and I never was truly able to answer my own question. I dreamed of a car that would simply just run on carbon

dioxide, but this has never became a truth, so I wanted to help others do their best and pick a car that has the least impact on the environment.

What it does: It provides analyzed data visualizations that inform others about Co2 production by cars.

How we built it: I used google colab, in order to do python and analyze the data using panda and numpy. Then l used replit to create a simple front end that would display the data I collected.

Challenges we ran into: My group ended up flaking on me twice so I had a very late start to my project and had to change my initial idea due to the lack of manpower to do the job, and had to quickly submit this entry.

Accomplishments that we're proud of: I'm proud that I finished the project and was able to submit something on a topic that I am passionate about.

What we learned: I learned how to use different libraries in python that allowed me to analyze data and create visualizations for the data.

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