Our concept is as follows: People who care about sustainability, and as a result, they may want to know their own carbon footprint. However, people may not have a convenient way to measure their own CO2 emissions from driving. Furthermore, even if they did, they may not have a frame of reference for what those numbers mean.

Introducing our app, Carbon Cutter: aimed at making measuring your carbon footprint, and what that means, much easier! Once that is all setup, you use this app for directions. After you are done, the app spits out how much CO2 emissions is in terms of grams. For your frame of reference, in general, 1 gallon of gas used emits about 2400 grams of carbon.

And lastly, with this number, we will also let you know some ways you can offset your carbon, such as, for example, pay to plant trees.

That prototype was created through envision. Unfortunately, our team are beginner coders who had to really struggled. As a result, we focused on coding in functionality through react native packages and APIs in javascript.

Instead of a the UI, we created a form that asked for the user’s miles per gallon. Additionally, we tried to implement maps and directions API into our app, but we were only able to do so through HTML.

Lastly, we created a Twilio javascript. The idea here is to message people based on their carbon output. We created the javascript through postman, but we unfortunately could not implement conditional messages at this time.

In summary: the execution of our code is very clunky, but I believe that when we fully develop this, our idea will light the way by showing people their emissions and what they can do about it. We have made connections with a mentor and will ask how to work out the issues we run into.

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