I argue pretty regularly if I look more like my mom or my dad. The family argues about it, too. So, why not make the entire decision process be done through unbiased machine learning?

What it does

Carbon Copy takes in two people (if you don't want to use mom and dad, you don't have to!) that you want to compare yourself against. Once you've added their names, you can add photos of each person to your heart's content. Then, you can add a picture of yourself, and it will tell you who you look the most like!

How I built it

Using the Clarifai custom training API, the Pure CSS framework, and some nice JavaScript and jQuery.

What's next for Carbon Copy

Right now the app takes in image URLs. The plan, if given the opportunity to expand on it, is to allow for image uploading, as well as mobile versions of the application. Also in the works is the ability to compare yourself against more than just two people.

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