Climate change is devastating much of our planet, but there are steps we can take to fight back and clean up our mess. Purchasing carbon offsets is one way to reduce our carbon footprint and also support initiatives to improve the health of our planet. It is a very simple process that, contrary to popular belief, is actually available to the public. Individually, we can purchase carbon offsets for around $5 per 1000 lbs of CO2. For example, a flight from Detroit to Japan emits about 3000 lbs of CO2 per passenger. To offset this emission, you can purchase 3000 lbs of carbon offsets for only $15! It's a great way to keep your travel carbon neutral. If you travel often, you can even purchase monthly subscriptions! is a great website that already provides a calculator, but it is focused on business in the EU and does not apply as well to the US. It is also more expensive than the Terrapass option.

What it does

To find out how many lbs of carbon offset you purchase, utilize this easy to use web app by choosing your mode of transportation and how many miles you will be traveling. Press "submit" and you'll get an immediate answer to how many lbs of carbon offsets you should purchase!

How I built it

I started with an HTML structure and then utilized javascript to grab the information needed to compute the number of carbon offsets someone should purchase.

Challenges I ran into

Creating something aesthetically pleasing as well as easy to use was very important to me. There were a few glitches in my code, but I worked through them.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

Learning how to use HTML, CSS, and Javascript all within a fairly short time frame.

What I learned

I love learning new things and getting through challenges.

What's next for Carbon Combat

I focused purely on travel or this app, but I'd like to extend to utilities and waste management as well. I'd also like to make a mobile application.

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