Changing behavior is not about punishing, we all make mistakes! It is about consciousness, only then we can take our responsibility. So, why not combine carbon consciousness with a healthy lifestyle?

What it does

Climate agreements are giving us a guideline about the amount of carbon that we should spend in our household. Energy spent in a household can easily be measured by IoT-devices. This data is connected to the pedometer in your smartphone. Any overspent carbon will result in a higher daily step target. In order to keep you motivated, you are responsible for a tree that lives in the app. If you fail to reach your step target, there will be consequences.

How we built it

The sensor livestream from IBM provides real time data about electricity use, which can be converted to the amount of carbon that is being emitted in real time. An Android app keeps track of your steps, and adjust your daily step target if you are overspending carbon.

Challenges we ran into

Suboptimal sensor data

Accomplishments that we are proud of

Coming up with a feasible solution that covers the two most important themes of this hackathon into one product. Climate change and a healthy lifestyle.

What's next for Carbon Consciousness

Add extra carbon data providers to make it even more interesting and challenging. A machine learning API will verify your healthy lifestyle by providing carbon facts about your meal and rewarding you accordingly.

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