Carbon Capture is a new app that will be pitched to boutique health food stores. After coming to an agreement of implementation of our services, the app will be scaled up to meet demands of the grocery food store. Our biggest risk in this process is if the boutique health food stores reject this idea. If this is the case, then we will hear feedback on why they did not want the product, and we will make modifications to the software and hopefully secure their business in the future. We will also consider pitching to more expensive grocery stores such as sobeys.

Breakdown of Cost

Initial Investment - 2k (From Savings) Dev. Cost- 1.2k Servers -6k APIs -2.5k Data Storage-3.6k

Market Strategy - Psychographic Segmentation; Target consumers are and passionate about the impact their purchases have on the environment. These consumers shop at boutique heath stores such as Whole Foods and Natures Emporium, they are educated and have a high disposable income.

We used tensor flow to make the model to recognize what kind of food is placed infront of the camera an the app is made on swift.

Built With

  • tensorflow
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