IDO platform for crowdfunding carbon capture projects

Carbon Credit Backers is a IDO platform funding startups and projects that capture CO2.

Carbon Captures Backers is creating funding to clean up after the blockchain industry, and removing CO2 created by businesses.

Carbon Capture Backers helps green entrepreneurs and startups get funding for carbon capture projects.

Carbon Capture Backers helps carbon credit buyers source high quality offsets and support economic development.

The demand for verifiable carbon removal credits by brands that have made public commitments to become carbon neutral/negative.

Carbon Capture Backers $CCB is a pioneering in carbon capture digital assets!

$CCB utility tokens will help finance carbon capture entrepreneurship and the CO2 sequestered by projects will provided $CCB holders with Carbon Removal Credits ($CRC) in exchange.

$CCB token holders will be able to use Snapshot to vote on carbon capture startups that get to do IDOs.

Approved carbon capture projects will be able to offer IDOs on the platform based on the potential CO2 they can sequester with their project.

Based on the cost of their project divided by the tons of carbon credits offered will determine the amount of $CCB it cost per 1 ton carbon removal credit in their IDOs.

Some types of carbon removal projects cost more to perform so Carbon Capture Backers IDOs will have different yields of Carbon Removal Credits.

Using IDOs we plan to bring more liquidity for financing carbon capture projects.

Prototype on Alfajores testnet Celo $CCB IDO codebase

Next Steps: Launch $CCB IDO on Celo Mainnet.

Onboard 6-10 carbon capturing projects for $CCB holders to vote on

Launch 3-5 IDOs for voted on projects.

Measure, Report, and Validate (MRV) the carbon removal of the projects to issue Carbon Removal Credits to $CCB holders that took part in projects IDOs.

Total Estimated Duration: Duration of the whole project (6-12 months) Milestone 1 - $CCB IDO Celo Mainnet Estimated duration: 1 month

Milestone 2 - Onboard Carbon Capturing Projects To Vote On Estimated Duration: 2 months

Milestone 3 - Launch Approved Project IDOs Estimated Duration: 3 months

Milestone 4 - MRV and Issue CRC to IDOs Estimated Duration: 6-12 months

Future Plans We will offer IDOs for many types of carbon capturing projects and create launch pad and incubator program for green businesses.

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