British households create over 26m tonnes of waste each year, the weight of around 260 large cruise while the recycling rate is only 45%.

What it does

Build a platform that allows people to keep track of their recycling and compete and collaborate with friends and community. Raise awareness about recycling waste and carbon footprint through social media sharing.

How I built it

Python Flask, Azure Cognitive Services API, Plotly

Challenges I ran into

Integration between back-end and front-end

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

Learning something new in a short amount of time

What I learned

How to integrate different tecnologies together in a complete stack

What's next for Carbon Capture

Expand the collection of our waste classification as well as integrate into pollution and energy markets. Additional features e.g. making a donation to environmental charity of choice, setting daily goals or weekly community events. Partner with research groups in social data science, environment and AI and machine learning.

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