Climate change is not a hoax. Period. So, we created this app to counter and overcome it.

Carbon Calculator calculates the social cost of your carbon footprint-- and links you to a website where you can donate to a nonprofit dedicated to fighting climate change.

We created the app using Android Studio. To design the algorithm, we pulled data from the academic journal Nature, the Yale Community Carbon Fund, and the Yale Sustainability Calculator Methodology, enabling our algorithm to accurately calculate the social cost of an individual's carbon footprint.

The Yale Code4Good originally preferred a WordPress plugin; however, after consulting a representative we decided that a smartphone application, with access to real-time location data, would be a more effective solution.

With more time, we plan to use Facebook's API to share your amount of carbon saved with that of your friends. This community-based system will encourage and motivate users to inspire their peers to consume less energy and be conscious of their carbon footprint.

Additionally, we plan to use PayPal's API to allow users to directly donate their calculated carbon footprint cost to a specific organization.

Building this application required our entire team to persevere, especially in learning new technologies. This is only the start of Hackathon journey, and we can't wait to discover what lies ahead.

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