We were inspired to make this application because 30,000 people are poisoned with high carbon monoxide levels, generally in their own home. Most don't even know what is causing their symptoms because only 25 out of 50 states require homes to contain a carbon monoxide alarm, which also does not alert you about the carbon monoxide levels in time to treat them easily. It is necessary to make sure that these lives are saved.

What it does

This application is connected to your iOS or Android phone if there are dangerous levels of carbon monoxide in your home. Further, an alert will be sent to state legislators if high carbon monoxide levels are common in an area through Phone2Action.

How we built it

We began by setting up the middleware (database, API, and lambda functions) and then proceeded to creating the react components. Next, we connected react with the middleware and then began using the Phone2Action API and connected it to our database. Lastly, we worked on the hardware using Arduino and python.

Challenges we ran into

We had a lot of issues with https methods, like post and get. They frequently gave us errors concerning permission access, specifically bodies and headers. Further we also struggled with the react native scopes, but, above all, working with the Arduino was the hardest challenge.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We are proud of making an application on two platforms using an additional API, hardware, and AWS services as well as working with many languages. The project is very diverse, and the results were exciting. .

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