Some of the recent inspirations for this project came from the fact that the climate has rapidly been changing. The effects for it are evident as shown by the change of weather in California. On some days, it would be severely hot and sunny but the next week may be super windy and rainy. Another example of this global climate change is the polar vortex occurring in Canada. Through some research, we found that one of the main causes of these drastic changes in temperature is due to carbon dioxide emissions. We also know that the increase in CO2 is due to human activities -- from cars and from industries.

What it does

We originally had another project in mind but it didn't turn out the way we wanted. After a few more discussions, we were set on this project. We wanted to do some data analysis on the relationship between carbon dioxide and the change in climate. From there, we wanted to show a graph to demonstrate how much the climate has changed based off of the increase of CO2. We can then use the graph to promote possible solutions to reducing the amount that people are producing. However, we ran out of time to do most of the stuff we wanted.

How I built it

We tried to implement our ideas with Wix Code. We were also attempting to make a graph of the data through R. The only thing we were actually able to do was to partly use the Wix website.

Challenges I ran into

As mentioned before, we didn't exactly get to finish our whole project. Another challenge was deciding the project we wanted to do.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

We're proud of how the website looks so far on the Wix site. It was really fun to try to put everything together and it looks really nice despite not having all of the materials ready.

What I learned

As this was our first hackathon here at TreeHacks, it was a really interesting experience. We both beginners so everything was quite intimidating. However, we still enjoyed the learning experience.

What's next for CarboClime

If we have the time, we hope to maybe complete the website after the hackathon is over.

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