I struggled to pick classes as a freshman, and wanted to change that for future students at UCSB.

What it does

It pulls data from UCSB's APIs via Python and displays them in Excel sheets through VBA.

How we built it

Python, Excel VBA

Challenges we ran into

I wasn't too familiar with python and had a hard time navigating the various libraries to bridge it with Excel.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

It was my first major Python project and I was able to interface it with other applications :)

What we learned

Don't just use the most popular libraries. Oftentimes it is better to just use what best meets the project's needs. I learned that openpyxl functioned significantly better with our project, despite Pandas being the popular choice for reading and writing to Excel files.

What's next for CARATS-Course and Registration Availability Tracking System

Automating it to perform all necessary actions is a reasonable step forward.

Built With

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