As a a submission for the Autosense Challenge, we present the expected results in an API, as requested. The API may be accessed through

API usage info

The API has two basic endpoints, as well as two other more. The first one retrieves the impact angle of the car crash, and the time offset at which this impact occurs. The second one shows an image of the damage produced by the crash on the car. Third and four functions show a video of the evolution of the forces experienced by the car during the crash, and the evolution of the acceleration in the three axes, respectively.

1 - POST /api/v1/getCrashInfo: Response: JSON { “impactAngle”: degrees, “offsetMaximumForce”: milliseconds }

2 -POST /api/v1/getCrashImage?timeOffsetMS={offsetInMilliseconds}: Response: PNG Image with rendered crash image

3 -POST /api/v1/getCrashVideo: Response: GIF Video showing the forces acting on the car

4 - POST /api/v1/getCrashAcceleration: Response: PNG Image with the three-dimensional acceleration plot

As an input, the API expects a POST request with the JSON of a specific crash as an input.

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