We set out to create a decentralized system in a shared economy can rent a car for a certain time, with insurance included.

What it does

Our High-Tech ultrasonic sensor and our cutting-edge accelerometer is able to tell the difference between the good and bad drivers. We employ a state of the art data driven algorithm that is connected to the cloud, that allows us to improve driving behavior around the world. We live in the cloud, therefore we are platform independent. While starting the car our highly innovative voice user interface ensures a smooth and intuitive experience for buying an insurance.

How we built it

AWS, AWS Lambda, Python, Raspi, Ethereum, Solidity

Challenges we ran into

Smart contracts proofed to be more complicated to setup than anticipated. That's why our solution is still in private beta.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

Creating our own algorithm for the driver score.

What we learned

Basic concepts of block chain and smart contracts

What's next for Car2Hack

Working hard to improve

Built With

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