Do you love sustainability and clean technology? Do you use or plan to use car2go car sharing service?

If yes, then meet our Android App "Car2Enjoy" - Car2Enjoy is our attempt to provide you a tool to use with your car2go service to easily manage car sharing for you.

Using Car2Enjoy app you can locate the available car2go cars, find parking stations, find charging stations, check your bookings, get directions to the car in a clean an easy to use interface.

Below are the main features of the application: Find car2go Cars. Find Parking Stations Find Charging Stations Location enabled to help locate and get directions to the car Check your bookings / reservations Integrated with Google Maps and Streetview

Please feel free to provide your feedback at We will be happy to fix any bugs or new feature requests however updates to the application will be available only after this ATT San Diego Challenge is concluded. We appreciate your patience and support.

Note: This application is powered by car2go APIs and is developed independently. It is not endorsed by car2go team in any way.

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