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We were inspired by research statistics that showed that people were more inclined to consider buying a car when shown a 3D view of it. This led us to the idea of an e-commerce car store, in which both dealerships and regular consumers can post listings of their cars with easy viewing of the 3D vehicles in the main page.

What it does

It shows the 3D view of a car or object by splicing a video up into frames, where users can easily scrub at their own pace and check out the vehicle listing. It would also be able to store users' car listings and search up different brands of cars and models.

How we built it

We used Figma to draw up the mock-up of the app, Firebase to store the 3D view of the car and its metadata, and Flutter to implement the mobile app.

Challenges we ran into

We found lots of trouble keeping track of whos doing what leading to collisions of duties and work. As a result, working together initial was difficult as our groups all had very different skill levels in the tools we were using

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We believe that our time developing this app has dramatically improved our skills with Flutter and Firebase. Persevering through our initial communication troubles and going on to finish the app was really certainly rewarding.

What we learned

The major lesson we learned from this Hackathon, was communication is key. Being communicative with our team members would allow for fewer collisions of labor and confusion in developing the app. This in turn speeds up the development and time spent troubleshooting.

What's next for CarReels

Better UX in the Car Listing Feature - have drop-down options for established brands Live Updating Search Engine Implement a Comparison Tool for comparing different car stats Online Chats to provide customer services and private chats between consumers and sellers Implement AI to recommend cars based on view history and liked Add Moderation for car listings. Could be workers or AI

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