Space Formula 1

we had no prior experience in python and game development stack, 2 out of three members were pure beginner except me, I am learning website development using HTML CSS javascript, after knowing the theme of the project which is gaming we have to figure out something to submit at least after researching we know that pygame library is the best starter for beginners, and three of us played a lot of Nokia game when we were kids, so it was an inspiration to build this game even tho so many people had developed similar games

killing an alien gives you `1 score and right now it doesn't have features to cut down our marks when aliens interact with us

we used python's pygame library and developed it online via replit

everything was a challenge even the language and the overall experience there was a time we decided to quit the hackathon but a lot of documents and pygame tutorials helped us a lot

i am really proud because I am able to bring two of my friends to coding and they too learned a lot and we learned python and its pygame library and replit attended python workshop helped us a lot

want to recreate it with 3d with all the fun

and we didn't have time to recoed and edit the video we are really sorry for that

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