For students without car, traveling is never an easy thing- despite the availability of some transportation like Peterpan or the train, traveling can still be costly, boring, and stressful. However, buying or renting a car can also be environmental-unfriendly, tiring, and costly for students who don't travel often. Every time I return to school with my huge luggages, and get on Peterpan alone(and stressed out of missing the bus because of the airplane delays), I wished someone with a car could pick me up and go back to school together, and that was when I thought of the possibility of car-pooling within the pioneer valley. In fact, students travel back to school at approximately the same time, and it is totally feasible for the students to travel together. Therefore, I want to provide a platform for students in the Pioneer Valley to share seats and to find cars. Drivers post their traveling date, starting location and final destination, and the number of passengers they want; and car-poolers can also limit their search by the same criteria. In this way, they can quickly match together on the platform, and facilitate a travel plan together.

Since I am a first-time coder working alone, the website still has much to be done. For example, I still don't know how to set up the registration page and to limit the registration to people with 5-college email address (as a matter of protection), I also don't know how to build the platform, to set up message box, or to do many other necessary things. So far, i only set up the front-page, but I am already extremely happy with my progress. I am proud that I learned so many things about html, css and java in one day and managed to build a beautiful front page.

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