Most of the time, driving is inevitable because of the time it will save us from getting to a destination. However, if everyone drives, it will rapidly increase the carbon emissions that greatly impact the environment. Car Pool Master can solve this problem!

Car Pool Master is a web app that greatly improves the process of matching a driver with a rider. With integration with the Mojio API, a driver just has to register with their id and phone number. A rider enters simple information such as their origin(we can also use their current location with the gps functionality), destination, phone number, and price they are willing to pay. We implemented functionality to search for the the top 5 drivers and send them a text message immediately with the information the rider entered. All interested drivers can communicate the rider and set up an agreement.

In a century where everything in our world is progressing fast with numerous amount of information, people seek and favour products that allows the users to view and access the data with simplicity and integrity . Using this principle, I have built an UI where the user will be able to access the essence of the website with only couple of inputs and a click of a mouse! Accompanied by refreshing water background, the perfect collaboration of blue and white also gives a relaxing sensation when viewed at. Moreover, by placing the map on the right, it gives more accessiblity for the dominant right thumb to move around the map with more ease. There are also an animations to let the know that the website is working on its job and interactive. The facebook and Twitter is also added to allow the users freely post their opinions on our site!.

Future improvements: We hope to be able to analyze data from the online calendars from the Google Calendar API and try to find some trends in the times and locations of travel. This will help us find better drivers to match them up with ahead of time to increase the efficiency of the service.

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