Inspiration: To help in cities like Detroit where it can often be crowded, or public transportation may take a while, having a network where you can have a more reliable ride in a pinch may help ease some of that stress.

What it does: We developed a we app for users to post a need for a ride, this goes to a backend system we wrote and communicates with the gm-dashboard api to alert a driver who may be willing to carpool with someone they know or may not know.

How we built it: Just HTML, CSS, and JavaScript to communicate from the GM-client navagation api to the server. Google maps and ember.js for the front end that users use to request a ride, and the backend written in Ruby.

Challenges we ran into: Working with a buggy beta in the GM api. Short on time, tired, large parts, building individual parts that needed to be able to communicate with json across levels.

Accomplishments that we're proud of: Code for communicated with the GM api pretty much complete, looks nice on sdk, but not so much on actual dash. Accomplished the front end with a google api, only problem was a bug in the ember code that a member had learned in a day and used for the entire front end, this though did make us unable to completely run and test our program.

What we learned: Downloading files sucks when 1997 other people are sharing the same wifi connection.

What's next for Car Pool: Not sure, depends if GM wants to see it turned into something greater.

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